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BaseHealth launches a wellness platform that melds genomics and devices

Promising to reinvent preventative medicine by bringing genomic data, medical research and connected devices together in a single platform, a startup called BaseHealth launched on Tuesday. The company, which has raised $6.3 million from a group of investors led by RONA Holdings and Bobby Yazdani, hopes a personalized and predictive approach to will help patients identify their prospective problems and then take the right steps to prevent them.

The way its platform (called Genophen) works is to combine patients’ lifestyle data, genetic data and medical records to get a sense of what risk factors someone has and suggest how they might prevent them. It can identify more than 40 “common complex” diseases (e.g., Type II diabetes, heart disease or breast cancer) from the genetic analysis, while the other data will typically provide a multiplier effect. Smoking and a sedentary lifestyle, for example, would increase someone’s chance of developing diabetes beyond their natural hereditary risk.

The real key to Genophen, though, it its ability to help patients figure out what they can do to mitigate their chances of developing the illnesses for which they’re at risk. It tells them the total risk reduction if they optimized every aspect of their lifestyles, or can answer “what if” questions, such as what the effect of losing 20 pounds might be. Genophen get as specific as how someone’s genetics will affect specific drug or food choices.

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