Avoid These 4 Visualization Mistakes

Big data visualization is a powerful tool, but only when designed logically and clearly. Make any of several common mistakes and you’ll end up confusing viewers instead of informing them.
Here’s a look at some of the biggest pitfalls, and how to steer around them.
Bombarding viewers with too many visualization types. It takes time for people looking at a big data visualization to interpret and understand the image and how it works. Use too many different types of visualizations in a report or presentation and you will run the risk of confusing and annoying your audience.
What to do: Strive to keep visualizations consistent, or at least complementary, throughout a report or presentation. This approach will help your audience to quickly interpret the data and arrive at the conclusions you’re attempting to present. Using too many types of complex visualizations will leave viewers dazed, confused, and annoyed.

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