Author: Themos Kalafati


Themos Kalafatis holds a BSc in Computer Science and an MSc in Knowledge Extraction (completed in 2000). He works as a Data Scientist / Predictive Analytics Consultant since 2000.

Themos has applied Data Science in areas such as Banking, Telecoms, Hyper Markets, Credit Collection, Finance and Social Media. He has applied Text Analytics for Sentiment Analysis, Detection of Consumer Intentions and Topic Modeling. He has also applied Information Extraction techniques for analysis of Customer Complaints, Product Reviews, Competitive Intelligence Analysis and Real Estate.

Themos particularly enjoys finding new ways to analyze data. Some examples:

-Analysis of Facebook Likes and Re-Tweets to identify Topics and Events that are associated with increased Consumer Interest
-Detection of Consumer Intentions in Banking and E-Commerce.
-Sequence Detection of Events in Customer Complaints and Agent Transcripts
-Usage of Information Extraction to identify important Life Events for Marketing Purposes
-Detection of Product Comparisons and Preference Analytics in Social Media Data.

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