Author: Rosaria Silipo


Dr Rosaria Silipo has been mining data since her master degree at the University of Florence (Italy) in 1992.

She kept mining data throughout all her doctoral program (Universita’ di Firenze 1992-1996, MIT 1994), her postdoc (ICSI at the University of Berkeley, 1997-2000), and some of her following job positions (Nuance Menlo Park CA 2000-2002, Bizzeps Zurich 2009-present).

At the beginning she concentrated on the analysis of biomedical data, such as electrocardiogram and electroencephalogram. Later on, during her Postdoctoral Program at the University of Berkeley, she started mining data from psychoacoustic experiments to improve the performances of speech recognition engines. Since the last big financial crisis, she has been working on risk analysis for many financial firms.

Throughout all her data mining career, she realized how important reporting is for a company. Actually, reporting might be considered as the first step in data mining: visualizing and communicating information extracted from the company’s data. In the last years, she gained a deep experience about reporting and reporting tools.

Since she started her data mining career when not so many data mining tools were available, she did a lot of programming herself, first in C, then in C++, and now in C#, to develop her own data mining tools.

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