AT&T Innovation Showcase Features Trackable Luggage, Big Data Visualizers

At AT&T’s Innovation Showcase in New York City Friday, the company showed off a variety of projects being developed within AT&T Labs. The event’s general theme was the shift to more cloud-based networks and the greater interconnectivity of devices (the horribly titled, “Internet of Things”).

Most of the projects on display at the Innovation Showcase are proof-of-concepts or foundations for larger ideas. These aren’t necessarily technologies that will make their way to market as commercialized products, but the research and development work may be used as the basis for more fully-formed products in the future.

It’s worth noting that many of the technologies aren’t intended to be consumer-facing. Some are clearly targeted at the enterprise, while others offer a glimpse at features that AT&T or its partners could implement into future services.

More than a dozen projects were on display at the event; here are three of our favorites.

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