Are women better data scientists?

Big Data is being mentioned left and right, but what isn’t being mentioned are the women behind the data. As a woman involved with a Big Data startup, (SQream Technologies – A high-tech startup specializing in Big Data and GPUs) I felt a bit offended by the lack of Big Data content focusing on what women are bringing to this booming industry. And with that in mind, I found inspiration for my next blog post…

Women make better data scientists?

Steven Hillion gave an Ignite presentation at Strata 2013 entitled, “Why are women better data scientists”. Hillion stated a variety of interesting statistics in his talk, mentioning that women are leading and succeeding in data science for a number of reasons, even though there is still a preference for hiring men over women within the technical field. So how exactly are these women succeeding in a field overrun by men?

Thoughts from the female pro’s:

Carla Gentry runs Analytical Solution and is a veteran data science as well as an influential woman in the data field. When asked about specializing in data science for an article published by, Gentry mentions:

“Data science ‘is more than just analytics’. As a data scientist, you’ll become a liaison between the IT department and the C-suite. You have to talk both languages and you have to understand the hierarchy of data. You can’t be just an architect or data expert.”

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