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Are Big Data Big Enough for Information Security?

The simple answer is … no! But how can that be? Surely if we were to assemble every scrap of available data about our systems and networks and their use, we should be able to find the veritable needles in the haystacks, given the right tools and sufficient time.
This is clearly an underlying presumption in the upcoming report by the Big Data Working Group of the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA). I was offered the privilege of reviewing the current draft of the report “Big Data Analytics for Security Intelligence,” which should be made public shortly.
A personal disclosure about the CSA … I strongly encouraged Jim Reavis to move ahead with the concept of such a group when he was chatting with colleagues to determine its potential viability. I have also participated in several of the CSA’s working groups and contributed to several reports. The Alliance was grown from strength to strength as security remains center stage for organizations contemplating cloud services.

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