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Airlines, do you know what makes your customers click?

Every customer journey is unique. For brands, every step of the journey represents an opportunity to strengthen the customer relationship, by listening to what that customer wants and personalising products and services accordingly.
NB: This is an analysis from Elizabeth Kenny and Gavin Bourke of Boxever.
Today, the most successful brands are those that recognise the importance of the customer journey and make an effort to really understand their customers. Amazon won most trusted brand in Entrepreneur by offering millions of products, 24/7 access, superior search and browse technology, user reviews and one click shopping.
It knows how customers like to shop, what they like to shop for and the types of offers and incentives which will encourage customers to part with their hard-earned cash. It knows how to go beyond merely “customer relationship management” and instead practise “customer intelligence”.
For airlines – which face increasingly difficult market conditions – the opportunity to benefit from customer intelligence has never been greater. After all, there are significant rewards such as improved customer experience and increased revenues for those companies that really understand customer preferences – both financial and reputational.
CRM to customer intelligence = long-lasting relationships

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