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Adding Big Data to the TV Buyer’s Media Mix

Leveraging big data to target specific groups of consumers with addressable advertising is creating greater efficiencies in the TV media buying process, according to execs from Comcast Media 360, Starcom Mediavest Group and marketing optimization firm Crossix Solutions. And while they do not espouse forgoing national network media buys for addressable campaigns, they say it can provide a complement to an advertiser’s overall media mix when a more targeted audience is desired.
According to Andrew Ward of Comcast Media 360 national sales, the evolution from one ad reaching many to one ad reaching a single target is underway at Comcast. “That evolution has already taken place across a variety of our platforms,” in which the underlying architecture is digital, he said during a webcast on big data from Comcast Spotlight and Ad Age. For instance, in the VOD space Comcast is currently able to take consumer data and target. “The next hurdle is really that linear TV space,” he said. While in the past the company’s analog-based cable business was hesitant to embark on the strategy, “that marketplace has changed dramatically,” he said. As cable systems complete the conversion to digital, it will behoove the company to get on board, he said.

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