A successful big data team has to have strong supporting players

I saw the movie, “Lincoln” on the silver screen earlier this year. I thought Daniel Day-Lewis did a terrific job playing our 16th President; however, without Sally Field, who played First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln, I don’t think the movie would have done as well. And although she didn’t win the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress that year, the fact that she was nominated demonstrates that a good number of people share my opinion.

When most people think of the stars on their big data team, they think about their data scientists. And normally, when you hear me talk about the other important players on your big data team, I talk about leaders, managers, and sometimes business analysts. However, there are some supporting actors that make the whole team work better. When assembling your big data team, it’s prudent to consider some of the less obvious players: the salesman, the coach, the regulator, and the auditor.

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