A finger on the pulse of disruption in cloud and Big Data

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks in the world of enterprise IT, with two of the industry’s hottest trends each passing multiple milestones on the backdrop of increased competition among the top market contenders. Wikibon analysts Stu Miniman and Jeff Kelly discussed the landmark developments during the latest episode of SiliconANGLE’s Cube Conversations series.

In the cloud, Google announced a new on-demand stream processing feature for its BigQuery analytics tool that allows developers to incorporate real-time data into their applications. Kelly sees the launch as a response to Amazon Kinesis, which made its debut at re:Invent last November and provides similar functionality under the same utility model.

The ability to consume technology as a service, only paying for the resources that have been used, eliminates the need to make the large upfront capital investments that would be necessary to deliver comparable capabilities in-house. That makes analytics accessible for non-enterprise users while enabling big organizations to get their feet wet without committing to purchasing new hardware, but the pay-as-you-go-model becomes a lot less compelling at large scale.

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