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Everyone loves talking about big data in healthcare. So MedCity News thought it would get into the act.

Introducing MedCity Capsules, an editable database of people, companies and issues important to the medical industry. For so many of you, daily news is only the beginning of keeping track of what happens in the business of healthcare. Capsules will enhance what MedCity News does for you and help healthcare do business better by providing a place to track the industry’s players and issues every day (either via email or directly on Capsules).

We’ve launched this in partnership with the Spoke Intelligence Network and know it will provide you dynamic ways to keep an eye on what matters in the healthcare industry.

You have the ability to log in and update your content on Capsules, and also claim your profile to receive alerts any time the content on your page is being updated.
You can create and subscribe to lists that track news about companies or people (check out this list of recent activity of healthcare venture capitalists, or the companies showcasing at this week’s MidAmerica Healthcare Venture Forum).

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