Explore the world of Data: A complete list of Big Data blogs

This list contains almost all frequently-updated Big Data blogs, belonging to a wide range of categories: Data Science, Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, Machine Leaning, Data Visualization, Data Mining, NoSQL, Hadoop etc. The blogs are arranged alphabetically. If we’ve missed any important blog, please let us know.
1. 451 Caos Theory
2. A Beautiful Www
3. A Blog By Tim Manns
4. A Computer Scientist In A Business School
5. A.C. Thomas, Scientist
6. Abbott Analytics
7. Advanced Football Analytics
8. Adventures In Analytics And Visualization
9. Adventures In Data Land
10. Ai, Data Mining, Machine Learning And Other Things
11. All Things Distributed
12. Amazon Web Services Blog
13. Analyticbridge
14. Analytics Vidhya Blog
15. Applied Data Labs
16. Atbrox
17. Bitquill
18. Ben Lorica – O’reilly Radar
19. Benfry
20. Benoreilly
21. Beyenetwork
22. Measuringmeasures
23. Blog About Stats
24. Blog.Scottlowe.Org
25. Infochimps
26. Blprnt
27. Bob Beauchemin’s Blog
28. Ai And Social Science – Brendan O’connor
29. Brent Ozar
30. Business Intelligence News By Marcus Borba
31. Business. Statistics. Technology
32. Byte Mining
33. Cerebral Mastication
34. Chart Porn
35. Chris Webb’s Bi Blog
36. Chuck’s Blog
37. Cloud Management Blog
38. Cloudera
39. Compilation Of Links And News For Data Mining Geeks
40. Cool Data
41. Cool Infographics
42. Crowdflower
43. Dan English’s Bi Blog
44. Dana Gardner’s Briefingsdirect
45. Daniel Lemire’s
46. Data Analysis
47. Data Beta
48. Data Doghouse – Performance Management, Business Intelligence, And Data
49. Data Evolution
50. Data Miners Blog
51. Data Mining In Matlab
52. Data Mining Research
53. Data Mining: Text Mining, Visualization And Social Media
54. Data Wrangling
55. Betaworks
56. Data Doodle
57. Data Is Nature
58. Datalligence
59. Datascience
60. Datavisualization
61. Dbms2 — Database Management System Services
62. Deal Architect
63. Decision Stats
64. Deep Data Mining Blog
65. Department Of Numbers
66. Dmr – Data Mining And Reporting
67. Drunkendata
68. Eagereyes
69. Evanmiller.Org
70. Fern Halper’s Data Makes The World Go
71. Flowingdata
72. Freakonomics Blog
73. Geeking With Greg
74. Google Analytics
75. Hadoop And Distributed Computing At Yahoo!
76. Healthy Algorithms
77. High Scalability – Building Bigger, Faster, More Reliable
78. Hilarymason.Com – Hilary Mason
79. Home Of The Scary Dba
80. Hugo Penedones Blog
81. IBM Big Data Hubs
82. Igvita
83. In(Tegrate) The Clouds
84. Information Is Beautiful
85. James Dixon’s Blog
86. Jon Udell
87. Journey To Sql Authority With Pinal Dave
88. Judith Hurwitz’s Weblog
89. Juice Analysis
90. Julian Hyde On Open Source Olap. And
91. Kaiser Fung Bigdata
92. Kevin Hillstrom: Minethatdata
93. Laura Edell’s Scorecard Street & Business Intelligence Blog
94. Life Analytics
95. Lingpipe Blog
96. Machine Learning
97. Machine Learning (Theory)
98. Machined Learnings
99. Market Strategies For It Suppliers
100. Marktab Data Mining
101. Metaoptimize
102. Michael G. Noll
103. Michael Nielsen
104. Mixpanel
105. Monsi Terdex Blog
106. My Biased Coin
107. Mynosql
108. Mysql Dba
109. Mysql Expert
110. Mysql Performance Blog
111. Nati Shalom’s Blog
112. Natural Language Processing
113. Neoformix
114. Nick Barclay: Bi-Lingual
115. Northscale Blog
116. Nuit Blanche
117. Ocdq Blog Feed
118. Oktrends
119. Oracle Datamining Blog
120. Ouseful.Info, The Blog…
121. Overstated
122. Pedro Alves On Business Intelligence
123. Pete Warden’s Blog
124. Predictive Analytics
125. Probably Overthinking It
126. Pythonic Perambulations
127. R Blogger
128. Radical Data Science
129. Rasmus Bååth’s Research Blog
130. Recorded Future Blog
131. Research Blog
132. Research Computing At Stern/Nyu
133. Revolutions
134. Riccomini
135. Richard Lees On BI
136. Robert Grossman
137. Roland Bouman’s
138. Saaientist
139. Salmon Run
140. Sarah’s Thoughts On Mysql
141. Sas Blogs
142. Sas Programming For Data Mining
143. Simplified Analytics
144. Simply Statistics
145. Simply Statistics
146. Social Mashup
147. Squarecog’s Squareblog
148. Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, And Social Science
149. Statistics And Machine Learning
150. Stats With Cats Blog
151. Storagemojo
152. Stream Computing
153. Streamhacker
154. Talend
155. Tanel Poder’s Blog
156. Text & Data Mining By Practical Means
157. Text Data Mining
158. The Data Mining & Research Blog
159. The Database Programmer
160. The Endeavour
161. The Enterprise System Spectator
162. The Geomblog
163. The Openstack Blog Open Source Cloud Computing Software
164. The Practical Quant
165. The Text Frontie
166. Thoughts Of Machine Learning
167. Umbc Ebiquity Blog
168. VC
169. Via Science Blog
170. Vision
171. Visual Business Intelligence
172. Web Analytics, Behavioral Targeting And Optimization By Anil Batra
173. Well-Formed
174. What’s New
175. Yhat
176. Zero Intelligence Agents
New in the list:
177. Data Science Central
179. KDnuggets
180. FiveThirtyEight
181. Hadoop360
182. SiliconANGLE
183. Blog on Big Data and Analytics
184. Data Perspective
185. Crayon Data

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