A Brazen Expose on Big Data in the Government Sector

A few weeks back, I was contacted by Tamsin Rutter of The Guardian’s Public Leaders Network. She asked me if I would like to participate in Guardian’s online debate about big data in the government sector. Given my experience with this, I was more than happy to oblige.

There were about 10 experts present and active in the debate. You can read the re-cap here if you’re interested to know more about what everyone else had to say. I found the debate to be a bit challenging because Tamsin didn’t actually ask the questions that she had provided me by which to prepare. For this reason, I have used the questions that he originally provided me as a guide post here in my Brazen Expose on Big Data in the Government Sector.

In this article I am only discussing my personal experience. I have made some pretty broad and condemning generalizations, and many of them may not be representative to what is happening in your business or organization. Maybe your IT department is really cool and has tons of great data scientist and analysts… maybe you are lucky enough to work for an organization where everyone is collaborating and helping each other out. If so, consider yourself fortunate! Based on my experience and many conversations I have had with fellow data analysts, data visualization specialists, and data scientists… you are in the minority. The content of this article only expresses my opinion, based on my experiences and the experiences of my colleagues who’ve practiced data science in the public sector.

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