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97% of U.S. Enterprises Fear Insider Security Threats

Vormetric, an enterprise data security technology provider, described some of the biggest IT and security threats for enterprises in its latest Insider Threat report, released last week. Researchers revealed that only 3 percent of U.S. organizations felt safe against insider threats, versus 9 percent for European organizations. In addition, researchers noted that 47 percent of U.S. organizations felt vulnerable against these threats, versus 25 percent for European organizations.

“[Chief security officers] and enterprises are struggling today to cope with the massive increase in risks from insider threats that include both traditional insiders and privileged users as well as outside attacks that compromise their credentials in order to steal critical data,” Security Innovations Network (SINET) founder Robert Rodriguez said in a press release. “Comparisons of European and U.S. organizations within the report show Europeans feeling more secure, but that all need to rethink the mix of their investments in security controls, and focus more strongly on protecting data.”

The report, completed in conjunction with independent analyst Ovum, confirmed that both US and European organizations are finding the detection of insider threats more difficult than it was in the past (at rates of 47 percent for the US and 54 percent internationally). Also, researchers said that big data and the cloud are raising many security concerns for enterprises across the globe.

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