9 Amazing Ways Big Data is Improving Our World

There’s been some criticism that big data is a bunch of hype with no real fruits to show for it, but the reality is that big data is being used in many different areas to improve our lives. With technologies like Apache Hadoop and it’s ability to harness the power of big data, the potential to solve problems and drive new innovations will only continue to grow. Here are just nine examples of how big data is currently being used.

1. Targeted Marketing

Marketing has been a widely discussed application of big data and for good reason. Big data technologies have provided affordable access to the unstructured data created by social media and other online interactions, and this type of data is very valuable for better understanding the consumer and for sending targeted messages based on an individual’s preferences so they receive info relevant to them. This is true not just for businesses but also for political campaigns. The Obama campaign, for example, segmented voters based on how likely they were to support the campaign, how likely they were to vote, how likely a reminder to vote would be effective and if they could attract a non-supporter based on a specific issue.

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