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8 trends to improved digital customer retention

For ten years, the Accenture Global Consumer Pulse Research study has tracked the intentions and actions of consumers around the world. This year’s study included more than 16,000 bank customers, finding that digital is at the center of customer interactions. Virtually very customer is now a digital customer … albeit moving at different speeds.
Digital has become more important to consumers across the board, with some consumers having completely ‘gone digital’ … 20% of banking customers are digital-only users, preferring to prospect and purchase online. Alternatively, there are still consumers who still lean heavily on traditional channels, but even they are likely to use digital channels at different times for certain activities.
Despite this strong movement to digital, banks and credit unions continue to have vulnerability to churn as customers encounter confusing web sites, unacceptable call center wait times, and difficulty solving issues regardless of the channel they use.

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