7 truths about data in the cloud

These are heady times for both cloud service providers and their customers. Never before has it been so easy to spin up large-scale applications and databases, fueling remarkably agile manuevers by companies of almost any size.

In this week’s New Tech Forum, Derek Schoettle, CEO of Cloudant — bought by IBM just two weeks ago — walks us through the rapidly evolving world of cloud data management and where the cloud transition will be taking IT over the next few years. –Paul Venezia

Big bets in cloud data management

I’m not going to bore you with terms like “big data” and the capabilities of various strains of NoSQL databases. What I’d rather discuss is something that is changing drastically: how we store and access our data. As the cloud evolves beyond cheap infrastructure, the real innovation in 2014 will come from how we manipulate data stored on that infrastructure.

1. Multicloud use cases will become the norm, not the exception

Whereas Amazon Web Services used to be the only choice for developers, the market now has several viable cloud options, such as SoftLayer, Rackspace, and Windows Azure that work well with one another. Developers will look for the best service and expect providers to be compatible with one another.

Take Green Man Gaming as an example of an effective multicloud application topology. The digital e-commerce site uses Cloudant database as a service (DBaaS) on IBM SoftLayer infrastructure to ensure that its back end is always available during the large traffic spikes generated when the company runs special promotions on its website. With Cloudant managing the data layer, Green Man Gaming can focus on scaling its application tier, which the company manages itself on AWS. Green Man Gaming uses a multicloud strategy to get the best of both worlds for its site: elastic virtualized application servers, and bare-metal cloud infrastructure tuned for database performance.

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