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7 Key Skills of Effective Data Scientists

Are you looking for an exciting career opportunity that is just as paying as it is desirable? Harvard Business Review calls Data Scientists are the sexiest jobs of the 21st century. Data Scientist term coined when two people, DJ Patil and Jeff Hammerbacher, were trying to name their data team working on big data and did not want to limit their functions with just any job title like business analyst or research scientist. And ever since, the title has become extremely popular. Data scientists are someone who is inquisitive and who can stare at data and spot trends. Individuals in this particular role don’t just sift through and organize piles of information for companies; they are part of a cross-functional team within an organization who provide various departments with pertinent information to facilitate growth and innovation. Now that you know what a data scientist is, let’s discuss how you can be on your way to be an effective Data Scientist.

1. Diverse Technologies – a good Data Scientist is handy with a collection of open-source tools — Hadoop, Java, Python, among others. Knowing when to use those tools, and how to code, are prerequisites. To be a Data Scientist, you should have your hands on a number of tools and technologies, especially open source ones, such as Hadoop, Java, Python, C++, ECL, etc. Besides, having good understanding of database technologies, such as NoSQL database like HBase, CouchDB, etc. is an add-on.

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