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5 ways that Qantas is using data to delight customers and build loyalty

Most people will agree that air travel today isn’t the memorable, fun experience it used to be. We now associate travel with stress, bad food, delays, over-priced tickets and extra charges for seat selection, priority boarding, checked-in bags, aisle seats and even blankets and sodas on some airlines. And while many retail, sports, healthcare and entertainment companies are already using data to improve customer experiences, the airline industry hasn’t caught up yet. A handful of airlines like Southwest, United and Qantas are trying to change this.
By using a customer data platform like Umbel to merge web, mobile and social data from multiple sources, and training staff to use this data better, airlines can use actionable data insights to deliver personalized customer experiences that delight flyers and build loyalty.
The key to acquiring and retaining customers starts with learning how to use the wealth of customer data that companies are already collecting. For airlines to remain competitive, they need to unify all their customer data living in various siloes and systems to get a 360-degree view of their customers, in real-time. This includes social channels, third-party software (like SABRE), booking information from transaction systems, web and mobile behavior (searches, site visits, abandoned carts etc.), email data and customer service information. Airlines need to own their relationship with customers, build one-to-one communication channels, and create timely, relevant and customized content to maximize conversions.

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