5 steps to get started with data-driven marketing

It’s so easy to get caught up playing buzzword bingo. You know the terms: ‘big data in marketing’, ‘digital disruption’, ‘analytics’, ‘voice of the customer’, ‘the internet of things’, ‘customer journey’, ‘360-degree customer view’… It seems like every stakeholder in the data-driven marketing community is preaching the same things and I’m probably no different. I sometimes get caught up in it as well.
And while it’s easy to get buzzwords, it’s a lot harder to get good, detailed ‘how to’ information, but the reality is that actually ‘doing’ is what will differentiate you from your peers. I have seen organisations labouring over design phases for 12 months and more – spending significant internal and external resources preparing for a ‘big bang’ that never actually comes off because their internal agenda and their customer’s agenda is likely to be very different in 12 or 18 months. So here is a five-step guide to ensuring faster time to value.
Step One: It has to be about the value!
Don’t start with data and analytics as a theoretic discipline. Start with assessing the value. Sure, your organisation has hundreds of customer and market-related data sources, and you could be integrating all of them and communicating directly through all accessible channels. But, as an example, if reducing the call centre’s average call handling time by 10% while increasing call centre conversion rates by 20% will deliver most value for your organisation, then that should be your first step.

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