5 Quick Questions: Putting Big Data To Work

1. What do you think is the #1 obstacle manufacturers face in implementing new software platforms?

There are three major obstacles: inertia, lethargy and leadership.

It is always easier to do nothing; this is true in our personal and business lives. If we can get by for another day without having to do too much, we’ll take that path. As one day leads to another, good plans simply do not get implemented.

In the manufacturing world, the reality is that implementing a new software platform can be a BIG project when you start talking about retooling for the new system, unplugging the old system, and developing a backup plan in case there are glitches after the go-live date. Software can be a powerful enabler that allows you to understand things about your environment that you could only guess about before.

But doing it right requires vision, energy and time, all of which are at a premium for a lot of companies.

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