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5 effective ways to balance personalization and data security

personalization and data security

Although we all live in a digital era, tons and tons of data get transferred from one system to another. Creating numerous opportunities to scale-up their business; customers’ main worry is about data security and online data privacy over personalized marketing. And the corporates concerned about data privacy are creating shields and protection; to save their corporates and customers digital properties.

What is Personalization?

Remember when you see your name on the email subject line or the messages that get dropped in your inbox. You want to open and see what messages it carries for you. You read lines one after another, a dedicated text or mail for you. How does it make you feel? You are crucial for the business. Right? Even it persuades you to take some actions.

Customers love when they get pampered, and they expect the same every business that will persuade them to act. And end up making the conversion. Personalization has many advantages to its name and widely used across the industries. To keep the audience more engaging with the content and boost more sales. But many businesses fail to do so because they do not follow the right strategies and approaches where marketing over the online platforms is overcrowded.

How Personalization Helps Business to Grow?

Customers in today’s date choose to go for the brands that make them feel, they listen to their problems. And where they pay attention and service in a better way to all their hurdles. It is where personalization comes in.

Companies do a lot of testing on products and messages before they audition the market and make it a hit one. Once they finalize everything, they let the products into the market. Simultaneously, they make sure the emails with personalization lands in their inbox to persuade them to make a purchase or make them know about their products. It is how the business grows, gets exposure, the product sells, and profit maximized.

How Personalization and Data Security Gets Affected?

Data security is a prime concern everywhere. Not only companies but the people have understood it. But still, they repeat the same mistakes again and again when they get asked to share their email id to get a discount on a particular product. They often do it without reading the privacy policy. And companies collect those email ids and use them unethically.

It is a privacy paradox – the unethical use of customer’s personal information in the business without their knowledge. And corporations take it as opportunities to target their customers in different ways. It leads to conflict between data and analytics leaders, market leaders, business, and IT stakeholders. It leads to data security breaches and limits the brand and new business value.

How Can They Both Get Balanced?

For maintaining healthy and happy relationship between data privacy and personalization, there should be some serious steps against the unauthorized use of data. Saving customers from getting into frauds; corporates should let the customers know what they are about to do with the data. When there are clarity and exchange from both sides, businesses make more profits and make their brands reach people’s ears.

Here are the five proven ways how data security and personalization will get balanced. Let us explore them in more detail.

Collect Only Those Data That Are Relevant to Your Business

Companies should collect those data that are sufficient to send their customers’ personalized messages. But you should never collect information that is very personal to them and target their family members from day one. It is an unethical way of using data without proper validation. And if you intend to use them that way, then you should inform them or ask them to read the privacy policy.

Let Your Customer Know How You Intend to Use Their Data

It is okay to ask for the required information and get it through a generic way. But exchanging a discount coupon code and taking their details is somewhat all right. But using those data unethically without their permission is a serious crime, and you can get into bars too. Data breaching is a crime, and people should understand this and take it seriously and restrict themselves from sharing their data.

Think Like Your Ideal Customers and Put Yourself into Their Shoes

Customers have problems, and they are troubled in many ways, and they are roaming from one website to another to get their best products. Use time-series analysis, and put yourself into their shoes, know their pain points, and help them get over it, shower them with irresistible offers. Instead of asking them for a few referral ids to capture leads, create a referral link for each user and ask them to capture leads for you and provide them with the commission you promised them.

Listen to Your Customers, Their Pain Points and Stop Overpromising Them

Overpromising leads to degrading your brand and value when you cannot deliver it on time. Marketing over the internet is an opportunity to scale up your business and market your products, no matter how complicated the processes become. Customers are everywhere, with digital marketing, you can know about them sitting in one place.

Never take advantage of pain points using false data. Instead, provide customers with higher value and build a long-term relationship with them.

Keep Your Collected Data to Yourself To Save Yourself From Data Breach

When customers trust your brand and your products, they exchange their data with you. Use various market surveys and other traditional methods to know your customers better. Use efficient ways of targeting, understand how they take it, offer them a demo, and capture leads to target them in the future.

See how your customers accept your products? What problem they are experiencing using it. And how you provide it in a better way. Always remember that your competitors forever have an eye on you and your customers. Never let your data and customers out in the market so that your competitors steal away your customers from you.

Final Thoughts

Personalization is a great way to convince customers to act or get some information for the business. Nowadays, personalization is one of the utmost trends everywhere, and customers expect it from everywhere. But data security is a prime concern in recent times, and due to digital marketing, data breaching is ubiquitous. All you need is to take care of your data and privacy before handing it over to someone else who asks you. You should only share your data after reading the privacy policy for the business or company you make the deals.

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