5 digital marketing trends in banking for 2016

The rise of digital tech and marketing has altered the way business is done around the globe — in almost every way possible. These advances, which are happening faster and faster, and will leave financial institutions behind if nothing changes. Banks and credit unions that are quick to adapt, and adopt proven effective digital marketing technologies will engage consumers in the ways they want to be engaged. Those institutions that find success will thrive, while others will quickly fade away.
According to a recent eBook published by Marketo entitled, Don’t Get Left Behind: The Rise of Digital Marketing in Financial Services, financial institutions have been slow to change, mostly due to “the existing perspectives of how things should be done and the long time-scales required for their operations. This makes them rather conservative and unwilling to experiment with new and possibly unsafe technologies.” In fact, fewer than 15% of banks have mature digital marketing policies. This is clearly much lower than other industries.

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