5 big speakers and 5 big ideas for building next-generation infrastructure

Distributed computing is nothing new, but like the Big Bang, what was once contained as a singular node of computing has exploded into an ever-expanding number of real and virtual machines traveling farther and farther from any central origin. It’s not a perfect metaphor. There was never just one mainframe or one data center, but the thinking is similar. The number of nodes is increasing and their placement on the network is moving further and further out.

Which is why this year at Structure we’re pushing further and further into use cases and an understanding of how one builds computing that no one organization has control over. Can computing embrace entropy while still delivering reliable results? The event, held in San Francisco on June 18 and 19, attempts to discover how big names in webscale computing are thinking about the edge and designing applications that can span both the cloud and individual sensors. But while the Googles and Facebooks might be the leading edge, how far can companies like HP or VMware drag enterprise clients into the future, and what’s keeping them back?

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