Artificial Intelligence

5 Best Artificial Intelligence Movies

Science-fiction movies are becoming a dime-a-dozen. For sci-fi fans (nerds?), this could be perceived as a good…or a bad thing. With saturation comes the potential for over-saturation, and with over-saturation comes a decrease in quality.

Ask rom-coms…ask zombie movies…ask any genre really.

Science-fiction movies are getting so big, they’ve inadvertently spawned sub-genres. One such sub-genre is Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) movies. With the premiere of Wally Pfister’s Transcendence this coming weekend, I thought I’d recount what I consider to be the best A.I. movies to date (that I’ve seen). As an aside, I consider A.I. movies to be ones that revolve around non-human characters (like robots, androids, and etc.) that have some form of human intelligence.

As you can imagine, there were a lot to consider. If I had to choose five, they’d be as follows (continue to the bottom to find honorable mentions):

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