5 benefits of big data for corporate training

Do you have any idea of how much data is generated every day? According to the latest Data Never Sleeps report by DOMO, a whopping 2.5 quintillion bytes of big data are produced every single day. That’s 2500 raised to the power of six. And the number keeps growing exponentially.

An infographic from Raconteur shows just how much data is created each day on different platforms and connected devices. It also states an estimation that 463 exabytes of data will be created every day on a global basis by 2025.

If you can’t even wrap your head around this astronomical number, you’re not alone. That’s an incredibly tremendous amount of data! So, it isn’t unusual to face a lot of challenges when searching for valuable information online that could provide your organization with real value. There’s simply too much stuff to sift through.

What exactly is big data?

Don’t worry, big data isn’t all the data available on the Internet. The term became associated with all the information that a company produces, gathers from various sources (both traditional and digital), and stores to analyze and use it to make better decisions and improve their business.

It’s a huge amount of data that keeps growing continuously and is so enormous that regular data management tools can’t even store it, let alone analyze and extract insights from it.

Big data can include social media posts, records of sales, information about different supply chains, details about various transactions, information about consumer behavior, and much more. It includes any information that can help a company improve its products or services, operational efficiency, employee engagement and performance, and customer retention.

So, how can you use it to make online training more effective? Here are the top ways big data can benefit your corporate training.

Personalizing online training

Everyone has a different learning style, so online training programs should never be in a one-size-fits-all form. To deliver effective training, and achieve all your goals and objectives, you need to tailor the courses to your users’ needs.

Personalizing your corporate training will help you increase participation and engage your employees. Customizing your courses for every trainee will lead to much better learning and development outcomes, and help you significantly improve business performance.

With Online Training Software, integrated with other tools that you use, you’ll be able to analyze the needs of your trainees. You’ll determine what topics to tackle, what skills they want to hone, and what types of content and learning will most benefit their performance.

Identifying skill gaps

If you can’t identify skills gaps within your organization, how would you develop effective online training courses? Fortunately, big data can be of great help.

It can provide you with a clear insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your learners. You can use Employee Training Software to generate real-time reports on the performance of your trainees, and see what skills they may be lacking.

Real-time tracking and data analytics features within this piece of software can help you see what areas your employees may be having trouble with. That way, you can provide expert assistance at the right time during the training.

Then, you can further personalize their learning based on their progress.

Constantly improving online training programs

Big data isn’t beneficial for merely helping your employees overcome their challenges and enhance their skills. It can also help you improve your online training programs, which will further empower your workforce.

You can use your chosen Online Training Software to analyze your big data to see how your trainees are interacting with each module of your online training. You can see what topics they may find confusing, which topics are difficult to learn, what content formats are ineffective, which modules take too much time to complete, and what modules are the most effective for each learner.

Compare their testing scores against all the previous scores in your database, and come up with effective methods for improvement. You can also compare the effectiveness of different modules and determine the best to use in future training programs.

Enhancing learning with data visualization

Data visualization is yet another important way big data makes online training better. If you visualize all the data essential for employee training, you will provide your trainees with a considerably better learning experience.

They will better understand the different kinds of data. In the form of graphs, charts, slideshows, and other types of graphic representation of data. They will fully comprehend all the crucial data analytics and how their training can lead to better business performance.

You can even use real-time data visualization through Employee Training Software. That way, your trainees can compare their training results against various other results from your extensive database. This will improve their engagement in all future training.

Predicting future learning and development trends

To always deliver effective online training, you need to keep up with the latest trends.

For instance, industry experts may have come up with groundbreaking strategies for delivering online training. But you have no idea because you haven’t done your research.

You can turn to social media. Search by hashtags to discover news and trends about various topics that you can cover in training. Check forums, discussion boards, and blogs to find trending topics and gain valuable insights.

Dig into big data to discern ways for improving online training before your competitors even recognize the possibility. You can discover new technologies to implement into your training programs and motivate and retain your employees.

Furthermore, you can use big data to predict future learning and development trends. You can analyze your corporate training courses to see how they will impact your business performance and overall success. You can analyze them to see which training methods will bring you the highest ROI.

Key takeaways

Big data can definitely make online training better in numerous ways. Although the entire concept may be confusing at first, you can better comprehend big data by using the right tools. You’re already using it to make smarter business decisions. So, it’s only natural to start leveraging it for your corporate training as well.

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