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4 key trends that will ‘humanize’ the BI industry in Asia Pacific in 2014

QlikTech today unveiled its analysis of top BI trends for 2014 around the theme of “humanization” as it continues to record positive growth in Asia Pacific. Phillip Beniac, Regional Vice President of QlikTech Asia Pacific and Japan, said, “As companies become more ‘democratized’ and recognize the business value of empowering users to make decisions, the demand for user-driven BI tools continues to surge. The return-of-investment that a good user-driven BI solution can provide is clear, and every new innovation around BI platforms will and should continue to develop around the user. We believe that next-generation BI will empower users with technology that is “humanized” and tailored to their natural behavior in today’s context. This will be a key differentiator for companies in Asia Pacific looking to compete, not just survive.”

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