200+ Big Data thought leaders & influencers to follow on Twitter

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This is our list of 200+ Big Data thought leaders that everyone must follow on Twitter. The names are listed alphabetically.
Abbott, Dean : Chief Data Scientist at SmarterRemarketer.
Adrian, Merv : Gartner IT Industry analyst – Hadoop, Big Data, NoSQL, DBMSs, Vendor Lead for Microsoft.
Ahier, Brian : Director of Standards and Government Affairs at Medicity
Akred, John : Data Scientist.
Amerland, David : Business journalist, author and international speaker. He blogs about social media and search engine optimization, writes for a number of prominent websites.
Anderson, Tom H. C. : Text Analytics, Data Mining and Customer Experience Management Software Champion.
Anderson, William L. : Sociotechnical systems developer, data informatician, open access advocate, and editor at CODATA Data Science Journal.
Aral, Sinan : Professor at MIT, Chief Scientist at Humin
Arthur, Lisa : CMO at Teradata apps. Author of “Big Data Marketing.” Keynote speaker. Blogger at The Economist.
Asay, Matt : VP of Community at MongoDB, Columnist for ReadWrite.
Aslett, Matt : Research director, data platforms and analytics, 451 Research. Observing the big data echo chamber from afar.
Auwera, Peter Vander : TEDx speaker, WEF expert Personal Data, blogger.
Averbook, Jason : Chief Business Innovation Officer @ Appirio, Thought Leader and Author
Baer, Tony : IT analyst with Ovum, covering Big Data & data management with some systems engineering thrown in.
Ballings, Michel : Assist. Prof. of Business Analytics at The University of Tennessee
Barlow, Sally McGee : Associate Director, Business Analytics at MD Anderson Cancer Center.
Basu, Atanu : CEO & President of prescriptive analytics company Ayata.
Bergeret, Ben : Tech entrepreneur, mobile vet, founder of Qipit, Realeyes3D. Currently having fun turning big data analytics into mobile device love.
Bertolucci, Jeff : Writer/Journalist
Bhatt, Manish : Big Data Architect at Wishabi.
Bilafer, Kurt J. : Vice President Worldwide Sales & Services at ClearStory Data
Booker, Ellis : Marketing & technology raconteur, covering Big Data, Marketing, Edtech among other things.
Borba, Marcus : CTO, Consultant, Boulder BI Brain Trust Member, Passionate about Big Data, Analytics, Business Intelligence, Performance Management & Innovation.
Borne, Kirk : PhD Data Scientist, Astrophysicist, Top Big Data Influencer
Borwankar, Nitin : Seasoned DB professional 20+ yrs, from early SQL to NoSQL, BigData and Analytics. Math geek. Open Access proponent.
Bridgwater, Adrían : Technology (Software) journalist, writing for Computer Weekly, Dr Dobb’s, Cloud Pro, The Register & Bloor Group.
Brust, Andrew : Senior Director, Technical Product Marketing and Evangelism at Datameer, a big data analytics company. Co-author of “Programming Microsoft SQL Server 2012”; an advisor to NYTECH, the New York Technology Council; co-moderator of Big On Data – New York’s Data Intelligence Meetup; serves as Microsoft Regional Director and MVP; and writes the Redmond Review column for He writes a blog for ZDNet called “Big on Data”.
Brynjolfsson, Erik : Director of the MIT Center for Digital Business, Chair of the MIT Sloan Management Review, and the Editor of the Information Systems Network.
Burn-Murdoch, John : Data journalist at FinancialTimes.
Calo, Ryan : Assistant Professor at UW School of Law, faculty Director at TechPolicyLab, affiliate scholar at StanfordCIS
Cavaretta, Michael : Data Science Leader – Ford Motor Co.
Chan, Prash : Solution Architect. Master Data Management, Data Quality & Data Governance Blogger.
Charrington, Sam : Cloud computing, PaaS and Big Data blogger, strategist and analyst. Entrepreneur. Advisor.
Ching, John : Big Data Guru, Consultant, and Evangelist for BI, Machine Learning, and Predictive Analytics
Chopra, Aneesh : Co-Founder and Executive Vice President,Hunch Analytics. Aneesh Paul Chopra served as the first Chief Technology Officer of the United States (CTO), appointed by President Barack Obama.
Cotton, Ben : Content Marketing Manager at Interested in PR, Content, Big Data, Inbound, Employability, Storytelling, Social Selling, Growth Hacking, Analytics, SEO, QPR.
Croll, Alistair : Co- founder ,Year one labs. He is an entrepreneur, author, and event organizer focused on emerging technologies and how they’ll affect society.
Cross, Bradford : CEO at Prismatic. Specialist in robots and space science
Cukier, Kenneth : The Economist’s Data Editor and co-author of Big Data (http: //
Cuts, Matt : Head of the webspam team at Google.
Darrow, Barb : Senior writer at Gigaom.
Dave, Pinal : SQL, SQL Server, MySQL and Big Data evangelist
Devlin, Barry : Author of “Data Warehouse : from Architecture to Implementation” and “Business unIntelligence : Insight and Innovation Beyond Analytics and Big Data”. Founder of 9sight Consulting.
Dossey, Kim : Manager of Independent Influencers group at Teradata
Driscoll, Michael E. : Founder and CEO at Metamarkets.
Dumbill, Edd : VP Strategy at Silicon Valley Data Science. Emerging technology analyst. Research associate at the Leading Edge Forum.
Dwoskin, Elizabeth : Wall Street Journal reporter covering privacy and innovation in the world of big data.
Dyche, Jill : Vice President at SASBestPractice. Best-selling business book author.
Eastwood, Brian : Senior editor at CIOonline
Edelman, David : Global co-Lead McKinsey Digital, focused on Consumer Decision Journey (CDJ), emerging tech trends.
Ehrenberg, Roger : Managing Partner of IA Ventures. Data junkie
Eisenberg, Bryan : Keynote speaker & New York Times best selling author.
Elliott, Timo : Innovation evangelist and international conference speaker who has presented to business and IT audiences in over forty countries around the world.
Evans, Bob : Senior VP, communications, for Oracle Corp. Former InformationWeek editor. Forbes columnist.
Fayyad, Usama : Entrepreneur, tech/Online investor, Exec Chairman at Oasis 500, tech startups accelerator.
Finley, Klint : Wired reporter, TechCrunch columnist, Mindful Cyborgs co-host.
Foley, John : Director, strategic communications, for Oracle Corp. and a former editor of InformationWeek Government.
Foreman, John : Chief Data Scientist and author of Data Smart : Using Data Science to Transform Information into Insight.
Franks, Bill : Analytics & big data focused speaker, blogger, consultant and author.
Ferguson, Mike : Independent analyst, consultant and keynote speaker specialising in business intelligence/analytics, data management and big data.
Furrier, John : Co-founder of CrowdChat, founder of SiliconANGLE and technology contributor at Forbes.
Gardner, Dana : Creative thought leader on enterprise software, cloud, mobile, big data and social strategies. Prolific blogger and podcaster.
Gasper, Tim : Big Data Product and Offering Manager at CSC.
Gualtieri, Mike : Forrester Analyst : Big Data, Hadoop, & predictive analytics. Technology storyteller.
Gentry, Carla : Data Scientist, Data Nerd Founder of Analytical-Solution.
Ghose, Anindya : Data Scientist ,3TI China. He is a Professor of IT and a Professor of Marketing, at New York University’s Leonard N. Stern School of Business.
Gourley, Bob : Publisher of and co-founder and partner of Cognitio.
Granville, Vincent : Founder of AnalyticBridge, social network for analytics professionals.
Grimes, Seth : Industry analyst covering text analytics, sentiment analysis, and analysis on the confluence of structured and unstructured data sources.
Hamel, Stephane : Director of Innovation at CardinalPath
Harris, Derrick : Sr. Writer at Fortune and content lead for StructureSeries.
Harris, Jim : An independent consultant, speaker, and freelance writer for hire with 20 years of enterprise data management experience.
Hayes, Bob E. : Chief Customer Officer at TCELab and President of Business Over Broadway. He conducts and publishes research in the area of customer feedback programs.
Hendler, James A. : Semantic Web geek, Web Science evangelist, Open Data nerd
Henschen, Doug : Writer, reporter, editor, having spent the last 18 years covering technology, particularly analytics and data-driven marketing and customer analysis.
Hinchcliffe, Dion : Chief Strategy Officer, business strategist, enterprise architect, keynote speaker, book author, blogger, & consultant.
Hollis, Chuck : Technologist, marketeer, blogger
Holzherr, Nick : Business founder, product manager & technology expert
Hopkins, Brian : VP and Principal Analyst for Forrester Research. He covers big data, data management and emerging technology
Howard, Alex : Columnist at TechRepublic, founder of “E Pluribus Unum,” a blog focused on open government and technology, and a contributor to TechPresident, among other fine publications.
Howson, Cindi : Business Intelligence (BI) analyst.
Hurst, Matthew : Author of famous blog “Data Mining : Text Mining, Visualization and Social Media.”
Hurwitz, Judith : Author, software industry thought leader, consultant, industry analyst on Cloud, Big Data, Analytics, Cognitive Computing.
Imhoff, Claudia : Business intelligence (BI) analyst. Founder of the Boulder BI Brain Trust.
Jackson, Joab : Tech journalist.
Jackson, Steve : Author of Cult Of Analytics, CEO at Quru, data expert, speaker.
Johansson, Lars : Co-Founder, Chairman and Digital Analyst at Outfox
Kalafatis, Themos : Data Scientist, Social Media Analytics, Machine Learning, Text Analytics, Data Mining. Analytics Lead & Angel Investor.
Kardon, Brian : CMO at Lattice Engines, focusing on Sharing ideas about big data, demand gen, marketing, SaaS and the tenor saxophone.
Kash, Wyatt : Business media exec, editor/journalist specializing in government IT & innovation. Now VP-Content Strategy at FedScoop.
Kaushik, Avinash : Author of two best selling books : Web Analytics 2.0 and Web Analytics : An Hour A Day. The Digital Marketing Evangelist for Google
Kehrer, Daniel : America’s award-winning expert on small business and entrepreneurship. Founder of BizBest and 140Main. Author of 7 business and financial books. Editor, columnist and blogger.
Kelly, Jeff : Industry analyst covering the impact of Big Data on the enterprise.
Kerschberg, Ben : Author of “101 Insanely Great Resources — Big Data”. Director of Appirio. Crowd Evangelist. GigaOm Pro analyst.
Kirkpatrick, Robert : Director, UNGlobalPulse.
Kisker, Holger : VP & Research Director at Forrester Research for Analytics & Data Management.
Knudsen, Ruben : Business Intelligence Professional interested in Data Architecture.
Kobielus, James : IBM Big Data Evangelist; Sr Progr Dir, Product Mktg, Big Data Analytics; Editor-in-Chief, IBM Data Mag.
Kopp-Hensley, Nancy : IBM PureData System for Hadoop
Kotadia, Harish : Principal Data Scientist and Client Partner, Big Data and Analytics at a Global Consulting Company.
Krishnan, Krish : Big Data Evangelist, Data Scientist, DW SME, Author, Strategy Consultant, Speaker, TDWI Faculty, CTO
Laney, Doug : Gartner VP Research, Analytics, Info Innovation & Big Data.
Larson, Keegan : CFO & Chief Data Officer at Uhuru Network, LLC
Leonhard, Gerd : Futurist, Keynote Speaker, Thinker, budding Internet Realist + Digital Heretic. CEO @FuturesAgency, Host of thefutureshow.
Levitt, Jonathan : Chief Marketing Officer at Sonic Boom
Linthicum, David : Cloud Computing visionary. CTO, CEO, executive, blogger, speaker, author, and consultant.
Lipcon, Todd : Engineer at Cloudera, Hadoop/HBase committer, former Erlanger, machine learning enthusiast.
Longden, Jonny : Head of Analytics & Commercial Planning, Visa Europe
Longo, Nick : Co-Founder of Geekdom. Former Director of Strategic Initiatives at Rackspace. Founder of CoffeeCup Software.
Lorica, Ben : Chief Data Scientist at OReillyMedia. Director of Content Strategy at strataconf.
Lohr, Steve : Writer on technology, economics and data science for the New York Times.
Loukides, Mike : VP Content Strategy, O’Reilly Media.
Lucas, Steve : President, SAP Platform Solutions at SAP
MacFadden, Gary G. : Founder Parity Research. RFG & Wikibon contributor. Interested in Analytics, Big Data, Cloud.
Machlis, Sharon : Online managing editor at Computerworld
Maguire, James : Tech editor, writer, at Datamation
Marr, Bernard : Bestselling author, keynote speaker, strategic performance consultant, and analytics, KPI & Big Data guru.
Marty, Raffael : CEO of pixlcloud – a visual analytics company, cyber security expert, speaker, author.
Mason, Hilary : Founder at FastForwardLabs. Data Scientist in Residence at accel.
Mathew, George K. : President & COO at Alteryx. Rebooted entrepreneur @ the intersection of Analytics, Big Data, & the Cloud.
Matignon, Randall : Author of “Data Mining Using SAS Enterprise Miner” and “Neural Network Modeling Using SAS Enterprise Miner”.
Matiszik, Mark : CEO & Chief Research Officer at Ventana Research
Max, Bill : Big Data Business Analytics Sales Strategist at IBM.
McCallum, Janice : Marketing strategist for health data & big data.
McDonald, Darryl : President, Teradata Applications.
McLaughlin, Laurianne : Editor-in-Chief,, speaks cloud, virtualization and big data.
Mikhlin, Artem : Operating Partner at ER Accelerator, adviser at and Stealth-mode mobile smell sensor start-up
Miller, Paul : Cloud Computing/Big Data/Open Data Analyst & Consultant. Writer, Speaker & Moderator. Gigaom Research Analyst.
Monash, Curt : Industry analyst. Consultant. Blogger.
Moore, Jason H. : Third Century Professor, Director of http: // at Dartmouth College, Bioinformatics, Genetics, Genomics, Epistasis, Complexity, BigData.
Mortensen, Dennis R. : CEO and founder of – a personal assistant who schedules meetings for you.
Mulkers, Yves : Independent Business Intelligence Professional
Mullins, Craig : Strategist, consultant focusing on DB2, Big Data and database administration at Mullins Consulting, Inc. IBM Champion.
Murthy, Arun C. : Co-Founder and Architect at Hortonworks. Moving Apache Hadoop forward since day one, since 2006. He is responsible for every bit of Hadoop Map-Reduce code and configuration which hits any of 50,000 of machines at Yahoo.
Myers, John : Senior Analyst for EMA Business Intelligence
Nadeau, Michael : Founding publisher, Data Informed, former SAP Experts publisher.
Nathan, Paco : O’Reilly author, data scientist, frequent speaker/lecturer, recognized expert in data science, functional programming, distributed systems, machine learning, cloud computing.
Nielsen, Dave : Co-founder CloudCamp, Consulting for Developer Evangelism Programs
Nonburaj, Rajasekar : Founder of Business Intelligence Professionals Group, SAP BI Application Specialist.
Noseworthy, Graeme : IBMer focused on bigdata & analytics for media & marketing.
Olson, Mike : Cloudera Chief Strategy Officer
O’Neill, Shane : Managing Editor at InformationWeek and tech journalist.
Park, Todd : WhiteHouse tech advisor.
Patil, DJ : Building products at RelateIQ
Paulsen, Steen Kjøng : Data Scientist
Piatetsky, Gregory : KDnuggets President, Analytics/Big Data/Data Mining/Data Science expert, KDD & SIGKDD co-founder, was Chief Scientist at 2 startups, part-time philosopher.
Pierson, Lillian : Data Viz Wiz and Journalist
Podlaha, Frank : Cloud Solution Architect
Poonen, Sanjay : General Manager of End-User Computing Business, Corporate Officer at VMware
Popescu, Alex : NoSQL expert. Senior Product Manager at DataStax, Software architect, co-founder of Since 2009, he has been maintaining the largest independent online publication : http: //, focused on NoSQL databases and Big Data.
Porter, Simon : IBM Vice President for SMB in Europe.
Pramanick, Sushil : Founder and Chairman of The Big Data Institute (TBDI), Part of IBM GBS Big Data Practice and thought leadership team.
Prebynski, Brandon : Global Marketing at Cisco. Data-driven Enterprise Digital & Social Strategy.
Priestley, Theo : Technology Evangelist, Advisor, Speaker.
Raad, Mansour : Senior Software Architect at Esri
Raden, Neil : Founder of HiredBrains. Analyst, advisor.
Ratner, Bruce : Author of Statistical and Machine-Learning Data Mining
Rebaie, Ali : Founder & President, Big Data Analyst, Data Aurora SINCE 2011. He is passionate about applying Big Data analytical techniques in different fields like social networks, marketing, journalism, to create value in business and global economy as whole.
Roberts, Dale : Author of Decision Sourcing : Where Analytics & Social meet; Speaker on Analytics, Big Data, sCRM and Gamification
Rogers, Shawn : Serial Media/Internet Entrepreneur. Big Data, Social Media and Analytics expert.
Russom, Philip : Industry Analyst for Big Data, Analytics, BI, DW, DI, DQ, MDM, DG.
Ryaboy, Dmitriy : Senior Engineering Manager, Analytics Infrastructure at Twitter.
Sanders, Dale : Former NSA analyst & US Air Force officer.
Sherman, Rick : Industry analyst, speaker, and author specializing in data warehousing, SOA, and database technology.
Simon, Phil : Keynote speaker, journalist and author of 6 books.
Simoudis, Evangelos : VC, Senior Managing Director at TridentCapital investing in Big Data, SaaS and mobile.
Simrall, Grace : Big data wrangler, analytics alchemist, design nerd, maker, hacker, epicurean, gardener
Singer, Adam : Analytics Advocate at Google. Singer blogs at The Future Buzz, an award-winning blog with more than 25K subscribers and frequently-referenced source of what’s new in digital marketing.
Skomoroch, Pete : Entrepreneur, ex Principal Data Scientist at LinkedIn.
Smith, David : Blogger, R evangelist and Chief Community Officer at Revolution Analytics.
Smith, Nic : Marketing director and analytics DataGeek at SAP. Telling stories with data.
Sørensen, Henrik L. : Senior Partner at McKinsey, McK Digital Labs, Business Technology, and TMT practices. Interested in cloud, data, and innovation.
Sterne, Jim : Founder eMetrics Summit & Digital Analytics Association, author Social Media Metrics : How to Measure & Optimize Your Marketing Investment.
Stirrup, Jen : SQL Server fan and Microsoft ‘Most Valuable Professional’ (MVP) Girl Geek based in London. Loves Business Intelligence & Data Visualization.
Sundararajan, Arun : Professor at New York University’s Leonard N. Stern School of Business. His research program studies how digital technologies transform business and society. He has published in numerous scientific journals and has given more than 200 conference and invited presentations internationally.
Taplin, Dean : Senior software developer at SAS, real-time analytics, big data.
Trotter, Fred : Data Journalist
Tunkelang, Daniel : Head of Search Quality, LinkedIn
Van Rijmenam, Mark : Big Data Strategist, Author (Think Bigger), Public Speaker, Entrepreneur
Vance, Jeff : Journalist and content-marketing consultant, who regularly writes for Wired, Forbes, Network World, CIO, Datamation, and
Vellante, Dave : Entrepreneur, CEO co-founder of Wikibon & co-host of theCUBE, investor in Big Data start ups.
Verstraete, Christian : Chief Technologist for Cloud Solutions, HP, blogger.
Vesset, Dan : IDC VP, Business Analytics, BI, Data Warehousing, Decision Mgmt, Predictive Analytics, Big Data, Content Analytics, Unified Info Access.
Violino, Bob : Business writer with a focus on technology
Walther, Bruno : Co-Founder & CEO of at Captain Dash
Wampler, Ean : O’Reilly author.
Warden, Pete : CTO of Jetpac, bought by Google. Apple alumnus, O’Reilly author, blogger.
Weil, Kevin : VP of Product for Revenue at Twitter. Former big data engineer. Digital advertising, ultra-marathons, particle physics, diet mountain dew, hadoop, lolcats.
White, Colin : Specialist in Business Intelligent and Business Integration
Whitmore, Caleb : Author, Speaker, President & Principal Consultant at AnalyticsPros
Wu, Michael : Scientist, Big Data, Gamification, Influence, Predictive Social Analytic, Cyber Anthropology, Social Network Analysis, Machine Learning, Community Dynamics.
Yau, Nathan : Statistician and author.
Zikopoulos, Paul : Vice President of Technical Professionals for IBM’s Information Management division. Award winning speaker & writer.

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