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12 Big Data and AI startups from Singapore you should know about

Singapore is quickly becoming Asia’s go-to hub for all things digital. The past few years have seen a steep rise in the number of big data and AI start-ups from the city-state. Studies indicate that the data analytics industry contributes to nearly 1 billion Singaporean dollars to it’s economy each year. This is all thanks to Singapore’s Smart Nation vision, to be an economically competitive global city.

With this thriving new industry being facilitated by the government, it is not surprising that the start-up scene in Singapore is booming as well. And why not? Opportunities and talent are abundant. So, here is a list of big data analytics companies from Singapore who are thriving in this growing industry.

Top big data and AI companies from Singapore

1. Aureus Analytics: First founded in 2013, Aureus Analytics is a Customer Intelligence and Experience company. The company helps insurers to provide superior customer experience leading to greater customer retention, loyalty and lifetime value. Their propriety products and platforms, Crux and Pulse, support the rapid enablement of big data analytics at the point of decisions. They are equipped with powerful analytical models, which are flexible enough to allow business users to plug and play their custom algorithms. Initially based in Singapore, Aureus Analytics have offices in Mumbai and New York as well.

2. Crayon Data: Crayon Data is a big data and AI start-up, with an ambitious vision to ‘simplify the world’s choices’. Crayon’s flagship product Maya™ is the world’s only choice engine, delivering digital personal experiences centred around taste. Powered by Crayon’s patented TasteGraph™, ChoiceAI and Lifestyle Marketplace, Maya makes it possible for any enterprise to compete in the ‘lifestyle economy’, by personalizing each customer’s experience. The platform enables enterprises to link their behaviour data to Crayon’s Tastegraph™ to create massive Personalised Taste FingerPrints for millions of their customers. Started in 2012, they have offices in both Singapore and India.

3. InfoTrie: With their headquarters in Singapore, InfoTrie is a News Analytics, Financial Engineering and Big Data company. Since being founded in 2012, they have since expanded to India and Europe. By leveraging big data technologies, they are changing the way unstructured data is consumed in the field of Finance. FinSentS, their flagship solution is a cutting-edge Sentiment Analysis and News Analytics engine. Along with their other APIs, they help financial institutions, analysts, traders and investors evaluate past performances and assess current financial positions of assets, topics and companies.

4. Lynx Analytics: Lynx Analytics is a product company founded in 2010 by a group of professors and students from INSEAD. This Singapore based start-up aims to solve complex business problems with big data graphs. Their propriety platform, Lynx Enterprise, enables scalable processing of large datasets, by visualizing and analysing the Web for invisible relationships in business and public data. Primarily serving the telecommunications and financial services industries, they operate in the United States, European Union, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines and Malaysia.

5. Nugit: Based out of Singapore, Nugit is offers a Data Story-telling platform, which supplies online marketers and agencies with insights to help achieve ROI improvements and cost savings. It does so by making important stories hidden in data accessible in real-time. The platform uses artificial intelligence to fill gaps between dashboards and stories and creates smart campaign reports in an email-friendly format. Started in 2013, the company uses its platforms to put a human perspective to the changing world of the digital era.

6. Plunify: Founded in 2009 with the purpose of optimizing chip design performance, Plunify developed a cloud platform that enables semiconductor chip designers to shorten product time-to-market and reduce development costs. Their flagship software product, InTime, provides FPGA timing closure and optimization solutions using unique Machine Learning technologies. Originally from Singapore, the software company has operations in Malaysia, China and Japan as well.

7. Sift Analytics Group: Headquartered in Singapore Sift Analytics Group is one of the initial providers of enterprise software solutions. Having started in 1999, the organization is a veteran in the field of Big Data analytics. They help enterprises obtain clear, immediate and actionable insights into current performances. As well as the ability to predict future outcomes for effective planning. They provide solutions across a range of areas, including Predictive Analytics, Business Intelligence, Enterprise Planning and Budgeting, Enterprise Marketing Management, and Enterprise Content Management.

8. Sparkline: A software company founded in 2013, Sparkline aims to helps enterprises develop a practical, strategic and saleable approach to Digital Analytics. Through a range of customized consulting, education and in-house technology solutions, they enable companies to focus on a data-centric framework. Their Propriety Framework engages businesses across the data spectrum and interprets large digital data sets to provide insights into the behaviours of their customers. With their headquarters in Singapore, Sparkline specializes in Digital Data interpretation and optimization to achieve superior ROI.

9. Taiger: Taiger is a Singapore based company which develops artificial intelligence semantic software for finance, insurance and government sectors. They specialize in knowledge worker automation solutions, cutting edge AI technology and large scale digital transformation. The company offers several platform solutions and tools such as iConverse, iSearch and iMatch, which substantially and quantifiably increase operational efficiencies while reducing risk. Having been founded in 2015, they now have operations spread across the globe, including Madrid, San Francisco and Hong Kong.

10. Tookitaki: With a vision to emerge as the leader in machine learning powered regulatory compliance, Tookitaki is a machine learning forecasting platform for the banking industry. They are building an intelligent decision support system (DSS), which helps enterprises and business owners go beyond the barriers of existing statistical packages. Their flagship products Alerts Management Suites (AMS) and Reconciliation Management Suite (RMS) focus on anti-money laundering and reconciliation, respectively. The company was founded in 2014 and have offices in Singapore and India.

11. Vi Dimensions: Vi Dimensions was founded in 2015, with a simple idea in mind. Applying video analytics efficiently, with the help of data analysis and machine learning. They aim to build smart surveillance on a larger scale, by tapping into the vast network of cameras throughout a city. The Singapore start-up has developed an abnormality detection (AD) technology, which can identify abnormalities in countless variations of public behaviour, right from unusual crowd build-up to public brawls and unattended toddlers. Using their ground-breaking algorithms and Machine Learning techniques, their propriety software can sift through large amounts if video feed streaming in real-time and derive actionable in-sights accordingly.

12. ViSenze: Born out of a lab in the National University of Singapore, the founders of ViSenze delivers intelligent image recognition solutions that shorten the path to action as consumers search and discover on the visual web. Built on deep learning and computer vision, they power visual commerce with artificial intelligence at scale for retailers, brands and publishers. Using breakthrough technology to turn any image and video into engagement opportunity, by simplifying search experiences and uplifting conversion rates. Having started in 2012, the company now has offices in the U.S., the U.K., India and China, besides Singapore.

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