The role of machine learning in financial fraud prevention

28th Nov `17 10:44 AM in Banking / Finance . 0 Comment

The scope of application of artificial intelligence is almost unlimited. However, there is at least one field where the role of AI can hardly be overestimated. This field is security, or, to be more exact, the financial security of Internet services users….

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Data-driven design: Should designers trust their guts — or the data?

27th Nov `17 15:45 PM

We’ve all seen one of those movies that is widely critically acclaimed, but which we don’t enjoy watching….



4 critical big data developments to prepare for in 2018

26th Nov `17 11:42 AM

With an expected growth of yet another $7.3 billion in 2018, the market size of big data will…


Artificial Intelligence

Everything You Need to Know About Smart AI Chips

25th Nov `17 22:02 PM

The future of artificial intelligence is here. From smart home thermostats that adjust themselves according to historical weather…


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence in Telecom: Intelligent operations is the new norm

21st Nov `17 12:06 PM

The move towards an intelligent world is faster and more rapid than it ever was before. The increase…

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Artificial Intelligence

Poker & AI: The rise of machines against humans [Infographic]

20th Nov `17 12:43 PM

The AI technology has been picking up steam in the past couple of years. It’s no longer a…


Business Intelligence

How to become KPI-driven: 4 simple steps for businesses

17th Nov `17 11:36 AM

Are you consistent in achieving your strategic goals? Perhaps, one month your team focuses on generating traffic, but…


Data Mining

Recognition – A new approach to automated data capture

16th Nov `17 11:35 AM

Data is rapidly becoming a key resource in helping many organizations find unexplored areas of business in addition…


Business Intelligence

What business intelligence can do for SME growth and profitability

15th Nov `17 11:53 AM

Businesses big and small can benefit from analyzing their business data to help them make informed decisions to…


Privacy / Security

DevOps: The newest element of Cyber Security

14th Nov `17 11:30 AM

The threat of a cybersecurity attack is an issue that affects every organisation. Smaller businesses with little or…


Human Resource

How is people analytics impacting human resources?

13th Nov `17 12:11 PM

Transforming HR management to a data-driven mindset can be a challenging task. Most importantly, HR intends to deal…


Privacy / Security

10 ways Mac users can avoid privacy issues in the age of big data

10th Nov `17 13:19 PM

Big data has become one of the most hyped terms in the world of technology lately. Whether justified…

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