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Frequently updated Machine Learning blogs

12th May `15, 03:17 PM in Machine Learning

Are you looking for some of the frequently updated Machine Learning blogs to learn what’s happening in the…

Baiju NT Contributor

Are you looking for some of the frequently updated Machine Learning blogs to learn what’s happening in the world of Machine Learning and related areas that explore the construction and study of algorithms that can learn from data and make predictions or decisions?

Check out our list.

In the process of searching top frequently updated Machine Learning blogs, we’ve found plenty of Machine Learning blogs on the internet, but shortlisted only those which are active since 2014. If we’ve missed a blog which you think should be included in this list, please let us know.

Here we go…

A Computer Scientist in a Business School by Panos Ipeirotis

Adventures in Data Land by Alex Smola

AI and Social Science blog by Brendan O’Connor

An Ergodic Walk by Anand Sarwate

Blog by Enes Makalic

Computer Blindness by Roman Shapovalov

CS Blog by Pham The Thong

Data Mining in MATLAB by Will Dwinnell

Datawocky by Anand Rajaraman

Daniel Lemire’s blog

Earning My Turns by Fernando Pereira

Edwin Chen’s by Edwin Chen

Eduardo Valle’s blog by Eduardo Valle

FastML by Zygmunt

I say things by Fabian Pedregosa

Inductio ex Machina by Mark Reid

Jonathan Manton’s blog

Justin Domke’s Weblog

LingPipe by Bob Carpenter

Machine Learning (Theory) by John Langford

Machine Learning Mastery by Jason Brownlee

Machine Learning, Statistics & Software Development by Vasilis Vryniotis

Machine Learning, etc by Yaroslav Bulatov

Machine Learning by Charles H Martin

Machine Learning Blog by Steve

Machined Learning by Paul Mineiro

Marginally Interesting by Mikio Braun

Metaoptimize by Joseph Turian

My Biased Coin by Michael Mitzenmacher

Natural language processing blog by Hal Daume

Nihil Obstat by Jose Maria Gomez Hidalgo

Nuit Blanche by Igor Carron

Onionesque Reality by Shubhendu Trivedi

Perpetual Enigma by Prateek Joshi

Peekaboo by Andreas Mueller

PracticalLearning by Diego Marinho de Oliveira

Random Ponderings by Yisong Yue

Hyndsight by Rob Hyndman

Radford Neal’s blog

Spoken Language Processing by Andrew Rosenberg

Stuff Aria Likes by Aria Haghighi

The Blog by Andrew Eckford

The Geomblog by Suresh

The Information Structuralist by Maxim Raginsky

This Number Crunching Life by Danny Tarlow

Walking Randomly by Mike Croucher

Xiaodong’s tech notes on computer vision and machine learning by Xiaoding Yu