Successful Analytics: Gain Business Insights by Managing Google Analytics
by Brian Clifton Published in 2015

Change the way your organization perceives Google Analytics – This book puts you in control of your data showing you how to use Google Analytics strategically in ways that connect directly with your company’s bottom line. Aimed at data managers and senior analysts, it provides detailed guidance on the entire process of building a data-driven environment using Google Analytics, and applying it to produce real-world insights.

Specific recommendations on:

  • Using Google Analytics to build an integrated measurement strategy for all your visitor and customer interactions, both on- and off-line
  • Assessing and deciding on the right investment in tools and team
  • Ensuring your team focuses on insights, not data
  • Understanding KPI selection and the dashboards required to convey them
  • Telling stories with data – Real world insights from major brands showing the difference knowledge makes

Make Google Analytics a more trusted and effective business tool. This book will help your organization become more “insights” driven and less focused on data points!