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37 colleges to fulfil your dream of becoming a Data Scientist

13th Jun `14, 05:43 PM in Data Science

Are you looking into a career as a data scientist and to become one of the most sought-after…

Guest Contributor

Are you looking into a career as a data scientist and to become one of the most sought-after people in Big Data landscape? Here is a complete list of colleges/universities that offer Data Science degrees. Click on the links to find more details about the courses.

1. College of Charleston

2. George Mason University

3. Illinois Institute of Technology

4. New York University

5. Northern Kentucky University

6. iSchool @ Syracuse University

7. University Of Southern California (USC)

8. University of Washington

9. University of Dundee

10. The Chinese University of Hong Kong

11. USC

12. Illinois Inst. of Tech

13. University College Cork

14. University of California Berkeley

15. Coventry University

16. Goldsmiths, University of London

17. Royal Holloway, University of London

18. University of San Francisco

19. University of Warwick

20. Macquarie University, Sydney Australia

21. Columbia University

22. TU Dormund (Germany)

23. University of Rochester

24. Barcelona Graduate School of Economics

25. Heriot-Watt University (Edinburgh, Scotland)

26. Imperial College (London, England)

27. New York University

28. Saint Peter’s University

29. University of Auckland (Auckland, New Zealand)

30. University of Dundee (Dundee, Scotland)

31. University of Glasgow

32. University of Virginia

33. Worcester Polytechnic Institute

34. Elmhurst College

35. Harvard University

36. Illinois Institute of Technology

37. Worcester Polytechnic Institute

38. University of Cincinnati