What makes exceptional customer service(and how to get everyone talking about it)

28th Jul `16 10:25 AM in Marketing . 0 Comment

How much time do you think about the current state of customer service at your company? Do you know what you’re doing right—and what you’re doing wrong? Most importantly, do you have a process to improve what might be lacking? If you’re…

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10 reasons why you should learn data analytics


10 reasons why you should learn data analytics

27th Jul `16 10:32 AM

They say we are living in the age of information. The internet has made it easy for anyone…

Millenials at your workplace

Human Resource

Are you ready for the millennial takeover at your workplace?

26th Jul `16 16:17 PM

Gone are the days when you’d make demands for tasks to be completed on time. The millennials, as…

different roles in fintech

Banking / Finance

Rise of the AND-I’s

25th Jul `16 13:56 PM

Make way for the And-I’s. And-I’s are my name for a new phenomenon I’ve noticed in financial services job…

Chief data scientist

Data Science

Do you need a Chief Data Scientist?

22nd Jul `16 13:06 PM

If you are considering recruiting a C-level executive in charge of data science, you are not alone. More…


Banking / Finance

The Fintech grief cycle for bankers

21st Jul `16 12:17 PM

As a few fintech companies like Lending Club, Betterment, and others have run into some rough patches lately, it has been interesting…

Data flexibility


Constraining Data flexibility in a NoSQL database

20th Jul `16 11:51 AM

Having no constraints in a NoSQL database means complete data flexibility. This sounds appealing at first given the…

data management system


How to use DMS to manage your business data

19th Jul `16 11:59 AM

Data management is one of the most important tasks for any modern business. Businesses need to analyze and…

Big data in hospitality

Travel / Hospitality

How hotels use big data to generate new revenues

18th Jul `16 11:04 AM

Hotel revenue management and use of analytics for room sales has remained largely unchanged for decades since the…

build data products


How to build better data products: Getting started

15th Jul `16 17:26 PM

This is the first in a multi-part series on launching successful data products. At Juice, we’ve helped our…

How can business automation solve your data quality problem


Can business automation solve your data quality problems?

14th Jul `16 10:24 AM

All businesses are at the mercy of data quality challenges. From the moment you capture your first lead,…

Deep learning in finance.jpg

Machine Learning

How will deep learning change your business?

13th Jul `16 19:35 PM

The media interest surrounding deep learning has grown exponentially in the last few years. But what does it…

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