World’s leading data scientists reveal their vision of big data for the next 10 years

25th May `16 11:43 AM in Analytics . 0 Comment

It took a decade of research before scientists decrypted human DNA for the first time. Today – after 13 years of progress – same work is done within 24 hours! We continuously sharpen data processing tools. Hence, the amount of data has…

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Improve customer experience via big data-social media synthesis

24th May `16 12:43 PM

“Your customer doesn’t care how much you know until they know how much you care” – Damon Richards…


Banking / Finance

Innovation is an act of leadership

23rd May `16 20:50 PM

The average lifespan atop any corporate leaderboard, whether it’s the Fortune 500 or any other peer group listing,…

Banking ebook

Banking / Finance

The Masters of Big Data – Interviews with five big data experts in banking

20th May `16 16:53 PM

For decades now, banks have been able to retain their customers through traditional channels. However, recent shifts in…

How banks can leverage the potential of big data

Banking / Finance

How the banking sector can leverage the potential of big data

18th May `16 17:52 PM

Source: “lloyds-bank-building” by Jason Mountier is licensed under CC BY 2.0 Big Data is more than just a…

Health care

Health / Pharma

From precision to predictive — how data is healthcare

16th May `16 15:07 PM

Healthcare is in the midst of a data revolution and this data revolution is leading to the rise…

Mobile first strategy


Mobile first strategy for digital transformation!!

13th May `16 14:02 PM

Today we live in “always on, always connected” world, and use mobile for almost everything. On our smartphone…


Banking / Finance

How Block Chain is disrupting many industries

11th May `16 14:26 PM

Until recently, Blockchain was a term only known to geeks and specialists. But in the last six months…

Business Graph with arrow showing profits and gains

Data Mining

How to tell if correlation implies causation

10th May `16 16:22 PM

You’ve probably heard the admonition: Correlation Does Not Imply Causation. Everyone agrees that correlation is not the same…

11 Key Tuning Checklists for Apache Hadoop!


11 key tuning checklists for apache Hadoop!

09th May `16 15:36 PM

Apache Hadoop is a well know and de-facto framework for processing large big data sets through distributed &…

bit coin

Banking / Finance

9 inspiring quotes from experts shaping the future of banking

06th May `16 21:26 PM

Who doesn’t like a good quote? We come across interesting and useful quotes all of the time in…

Big data and the security question

Health / Pharma

Big data and the security question

05th May `16 20:31 PM

Over the past few years, data has made a niche for itself in the healthcare sector. Owing to…

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