Retailers struggle to deliver omnichannel experiences due to poor customer data

28th Jun `16 18:54 PM in Retail / eCom . 0 Comment

In the digital era where consumers are just as likely to purchase online as in a brick-and-mortar location, delivering a seamless channel experience has become the new competitive imperative. Retailers are ramping up their investments in omnichannel and multichannel strategies to deliver…

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Neural network

Artificial Intelligence

Deep listening: The neural network learning to hear you in a crowd

27th Jun `16 11:42 AM

The human auditory system gives us the extraordinary ability to converse above the chatter of a lively cocktail…

10 useful ways to visualize data


10 useful ways to visualize your data(with examples)

24th Jun `16 12:15 PM

Many people spend their day sifting through data, combining multiple data sources, and finally getting data ready for…

Deep learning at Netflix

Artificial Intelligence

Deep learning with Tony Jebara, director of Machine learning research at Netflix

23rd Jun `16 11:30 AM

Tony Jebara is a Professor of Computer Science at Columbia University and Director of Machine Learning Research at Netflix. His…

The next big thing in insurance

Banking / Finance

Is UBI the next big thing in insurance

22nd Jun `16 15:25 PM

UBI, or user based insurance, may become the new basis for personalized premium prices, as the IoT continues…

Data gets change


Your data gets better by change – not by chance

21st Jun `16 10:26 AM

Up to 96 per cent of customer contact data is partially inaccurate, according to the Sales and Marketing…

NPS score


A report on the NPS Maturity of India Insurers

20th Jun `16 11:04 AM

Gauging customer loyalty is directly correlated with a company’s revenue growth. In an era where insurance companies are…

role of data in insurance industry

Banking / Finance

The Data-Driven Advantage for the insurance industry

16th Jun `16 15:20 PM

Advancements in technologies, bigger data sets and predictive analytics have changed the game for the insurance industry. For…

wearable technology


Wearable Technology: Bringing Digital Disruption to our Lives !!

15th Jun `16 19:59 PM

Do you remember Captain James Kirk using his wrist watch to communicate with the crew of the Starship…



The data quality tipping point

14th Jun `16 17:00 PM

Whatever your business sector, data is your most valuable asset. Along with the machinery and stock you hold,…

the role of customer satisfaction


Customer satisfaction is good, but Net Promoter Score drives the action!

13th Jun `16 20:30 PM

Possibly one of the oldest and surest ways of knowing if your customers are happy with you is…

data quality

Data Science

Are you still in the dark about the quality of your data?

10th Jun `16 20:06 PM

More and more businesses are waking up to the threat of poor data quality. We’re gradually seeing the…

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