Top 5 business intelligence (BI) solutions for your company

28th Jul `17 11:03 AM in Business Intelligence . 0 Comment

In today’s ultra-competitive business environment, you need all the tools you can get to have that edge over your rivals. And in this respect, BI takes on a very important role. Modern business and organizations strive on data. We’re talking of data…

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Python ninja

Data Science

Step by step approach to perform data analysis using Python

27th Jul `17 11:07 AM

So you have decided to learn Python, but you don’t have prior programming experience. So you are confused on…


Business Intelligence

Top Business Intelligence (BI) tools in the market

26th Jul `17 18:24 PM

This article aims to list all top BI (Business Intelligence) products available on the market. It should help…


Artificial Intelligence

Will artificial intelligence take over cyber security?

26th Jul `17 11:49 AM

For a long time, information security has been a war between men but recently it has become a…



Does Big Data make or break building and manufacturing industries?

25th Jul `17 11:24 AM

No matter what industry you’re in, it’s likely that big data already plays a huge role or will…



Data can predict game results: Could this change how we play games?

24th Jul `17 23:06 PM

Big data has taken the tech world by storm in the last years, as new applications are developed…


Data Science

109 commonly asked data science interview questions

24th Jul `17 11:09 AM

This article was originally appeared on Springboard. We re-publish it here with permission, for the benefit of our…



Modern marketer’s guide to conjoint analysis

22nd Jul `17 11:28 AM

Definition: Conjoint is a survey-based research method that helps managers understand what product features and price points drive…



8 effective and useful data visualization tools for mapping

21st Jul `17 11:09 AM

Representation of data via maps is a rapidly developing area of visualization that has many practical applications. Today,…


Health / Pharma

Three ways big data is transforming the medical field

20th Jul `17 11:19 AM

From its role in global epidemics to new wearable technology and public health analysis, big data is having…


Banking / Finance

How relatively unknown start-ups took on big banks and won: A tale of leveraging big data

19th Jul `17 14:35 PM

For many years, banks and financial institutions dominated the currency trading arena and money transfer services. Banks were…

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India is poised to see number of jobs in big data explode

19th Jul `17 11:23 AM

Big data has been growing exponentially faster than the entire software business put together. This makes the topic…

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