Designing the data management infrastructure of tomorrow

20th Feb `17 10:14 AM in Analytics . 0 Comment

Today, more than ever before, organisations realise the strategic importance of data and consider it to be a corporate asset that must be managed and protected just like any other asset. Considering the strategic importance of data, increasing number of farsighted organisations…

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Guest satisfaction in the hospitality industry

Travel / Hospitality

An infographic on hotel guest satisfaction – Industry Insights

17th Feb `17 10:41 AM

Hotels owners and managers have to constantly move with the times in order to keep ahead of the…

The role of big data in ecommerce

Retail / eCom

5 ways big data analytics can help your eCommerce business

15th Feb `17 21:16 PM

As the world of online retail continues to grow at an incredible rate, the information that is possible…

Panel discussion: Autonomous systems and assisted navigation through haptic feedback

Artificial Intelligence

Panel discussion: Autonomous systems and assisted navigation through haptic feedback

14th Feb `17 12:52 PM

By invitation from NASSCOM, I recently moderated a panel discussion in Cochin. The topic was Artificial Intelligence. My…

innovation in banking

Banking / Finance

Beyond innovation theatre

13th Feb `17 15:52 PM

Beyond Innovation Theatre Innovation is all about value creation. Or at least it should be. It’s easy to get…

big data in healthcare

Health / Pharma

How Big Data is Advancing Women’s Health

10th Feb `17 11:59 AM

For an industry that’s always producing amazing tech innovations, the healthcare industry has been lagging when it comes…

5 types of data people


5 types of people you meet in data analytics

09th Feb `17 10:20 AM

*1 This is more inline with dealing with setting up large scale data engineering platforms and integrating various…


Data Science

How to build a data science team

08th Feb `17 10:36 AM

Businesses today need to do more than merely acknowledge big data. They need to embrace data and analytics…



Do you know what is powerful real-time analytics?

07th Feb `17 11:09 AM

In the Digital age today, world has become smaller and faster. Global audio & video calls which were…


Crime / Law

Artificial intelligence in law: Embracing technology [Infographic]

06th Feb `17 11:26 AM

Traditionally, the legal profession has been slow on embracing technology but now, at least partly it is embracing…


Media & Entertainment

Data Analytics – Predicting the future for success in the fashion industry

03rd Feb `17 12:56 PM

The fashion industry sets styles and trends in apparels and accessories. It is a huge industry that is…

Digital tranformation


What are Microservices in Digital Transformation?

31st Jan `17 12:07 PM

Today’s organizations are feeling the fear of becoming dinosaur every day. New disrupters are coming into your industry…

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