What are advertising IDs and how they are harming online privacy?

14th Dec `17 12:23 PM in Privacy / Security . 0 Comment

Advertising IDs are user-specific, resettable IDs provided by Google Play services for advertising. These IDs give rights to the developers, to monetize user’s digital activities through apps; you find ads on almost every web-page, means they are highly pervasive. Why is this…

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Travel / Hospitality

Big Data in aviation: Six trending technologies

13th Dec `17 12:15 PM

‘Large and Luxurious’ has become a way of life for the city of impeccable architecture and style –…


Data Mining

70 amazing and free data sources for data visualization

12th Dec `17 14:05 PM

Every great data visualization starts with good and clean data. Most people believe that collecting big data would…


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How to become a data scientist: Research into 1,001 data scientist profiles

11th Dec `17 10:29 AM

In the age of big data and machine learning, there is one profession that stands out – data…


Privacy / Security

Big data solutions to take a bite out of fraud

08th Dec `17 11:34 AM

The modern economy has seen a mass migration of retailers to e-commerce and other digital platforms. The cost…

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5 common mistakes people make when choosing a dedicated server

06th Dec `17 11:11 AM

Are you looking to purchase your own dedicated server? If so, you might be a bit overwhelmed by…


Health / Pharma

Medical big data: From reluctance to revolution

05th Dec `17 11:56 AM

The role of big data in the healthcare industry has been growing rapidly in recent years. State-of-the-art analytical…


Artificial Intelligence

5 big data trends expected to influence artificial intelligence in 2018

04th Dec `17 10:07 AM

Whether you’re ready or not, a new year is nearly upon us. As significant changes loom just over…



Total Performance Data (TPD) is the future of in-play betting?

03rd Dec `17 15:48 PM

The sports betting industry is certainly one that never stands still. With the advances made on the technology…


Digital Personalization

Digital innovation starts with a digital core

01st Dec `17 12:03 PM

A lot of times when the prevalent industry trends are discussed among industry folks, there are usually two…


Artificial Intelligence

Can artificial intelligence diagnose and cure diseases?

30th Nov `17 13:04 PM

Probably in just a few years, it would difficult to find a doctor who would be sitting there…


Data Mining

How to expedite collecting and organizing raw data

29th Nov `17 11:16 AM

Data is everywhere, and it can be quite a figurative handful. Before your company can figure out how…

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